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SEC Dry Floral Foam Bricks - Box of 20

SEC Dry Floral Foam Bricks - Box of 20

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  • OASIS® SEC Dry Floral Foam
  • Box of 20 bricks
  • Bricks measure L:23 x W:11 x H:8cm
  • For artificial and dried flowers
  • Density that holds stems for permanent displays
  • Water resistant - use indoors or outdoors
  • Fire retardant
  • Can be easily pinned, glued or sprayed with colour

Typical Uses

Use these dry floral foam bricks to create designs with dried or artificial flowers. Cut to fit to containers. Create permanent designs that can be hired out and reused.


OASIS® SEC Dry Floral Foam can be reused and repurposed into new designs. If disposal is necessary, dispose of in general waste.

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